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"@MattSpeedWTF @TradeBridgeSCF Our pleasure Matt WTF!"

31 Mar

"RT @MattSpeedWTF: Lunch at Bob Bob Ricard today to celebrate signing a £3m line for a major retail business. Thanks @GSMFinance #trade fina…"

31 Mar

"Great to hear that our friendsl @DarbaarbyAbdul have won the Best Newcomwer Curry Award for 2016. https://t.co/D28XRkG3vN"

29 Nov

""Emergency Services Show" https://t.co/BkmM2lGKTq on @LinkedIn"

27 Sep

"Emergency Services Show https://t.co/VhfTKmNARh"

27 Sep

"Front-line ambulance financed for repatriation company via Blue Light Services and Macquarie Equipment Finance https://t.co/yVE69fXDLy"

29 Jul

"New front line ambulance financed for medical repatriation company. @theiaauk #Ambulance"

24 Jun