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Financing a fit-out or refurbishment used to require a large capital investment or a contribution from the bank. Thankfully, things have moved on. We can help you refit an office, warehouse or retail outlet with minimal capital outlay and at a repayment price that you can easily factor into your budget.  It’s called fixtures and fittings financing and GSM Finance offers a range of flexible finance solutions that work for you.


When combined with our IT financing options, you can set up an entire office or shop financed from a single source. Where some asset finance companies are reluctant to lend money for refurbishment and fit-out projects, we can offer finance terms of between one and five years for the assets installed.

The real advantage of getting funding for your fixed assets is the minimal initial capital required meaning improved cash flow for stock and other set-up costs as well as tax efficiencies that make a real difference to your bottom line. 


So just what can you include when financing a refurbishment?


Air Conditioning



Fire Alarms and Security Systems






Example Finance Deal 


One of our clients came to us to arrange asset finance for a sound system he was installing into a new state of the art music venue. Following an in-depth conversation with one of our brokers it turned out our client had plans to transform a derelict and dilapidated cinema. This client was amazed at how much of the transformation cost we would be able to cover using alternative finance, in the end we covered £400,000 of the fixtures and fittings, such as the lighting rig, flooring and seating as well as the £250,000 sound system that he originally came to us for.


There are a range of finance options available for SMEs, however navigating the market can be difficult especially when you are considering what lenders deem a less secure asset. This is when having a broker is invaluable, not only can we advise on lease or hire purchase but we match you with the most suitable lender of our 30 broker panel.     


Speak to one of our brokers today 


If you are contemplating a new fit out and haven’t used asset finance previously, why not speak to one of our brokers today who will be able to run through the advantages and disadvantages of hire purchase, lease or a loan. They will be able to suggest the alternative business finance that will be most applicable to your business and its needs.  Contact GSM Today



If you already use asset finance and would like to see if we are able to structure you a better deal, again feel free to Contact us via email or phone, or if you prefer use our contact form and we will put together a no obligation quote for you to compare. 

Talk to us.

For the assets your business needs to secure its future, for a loan to secure its present or for equity from assets secured in the past. We can help.  Contact the team today on:

020 8874 9994

Please fill out the short form below if you require funding for any asset type, unsecured loan or refinance of already purchased assets from £10k to £5m

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