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The most successful retail outlets are painstakingly planned for the customer journey. Every element from the shop front to the till is designed to encourage the consumer to make an emotional and financial investment. The most important financial investment a retail business can make – apart from in its stock - is in its brand; its look and feel and customer appeal. The fit-out needs to be right. But right can come at a premium with major upfront cost. 


GSM Finance takes that particular problem away with a range of flexible retail financing packages designed to make your shop setup affordable and repayments better than manageable. We help you free up your capital for the stock and staff that keep your shop in business.


Retail assets we finance:


Audiovisual Equipment


Display Units


LED Lighting

IT Hardware and Software Systems

Partitioning Walls and other Internal Refurbishments

Shelving and Storage

Shop Counters

Talk to us.

For the assets your business needs to secure its future, for a loan to secure its present or for equity from assets secured in the past. We can help.  Contact the team today on:

020 8874 9994

Please fill out the short form below if you require funding for any asset type, unsecured loan or refinance of already purchased assets from £10k to £5m

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