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IT hardware and software comes with built-in obsolescence and telecom and networking infrastructure isn’t always future-proof and while server storage capacity grows, so does the amount of data exchanged and stored by businesses.

Our range of IT finance options releases your company’s cash flow, sidesteps IT equipment depreciation and makes it easier to gain budget sign-off. Our IT equipment leasing clients come from all sectors, from restaurants to technology firms to manufacturing plants – whatever your business you can have up to date, high-end IT and telecommunications equipment, software and infrastructure at a readily manageable and predictable price.

GSM'S IT finance expertise includes:


Desktops and Monitors

Writing on Tablet

Laptops and Tablets

Man Using Computer Printer

 Printers, Scanners & Fax Machines



GSM can help provide finance for other IT matters such as Smartphones and PDAs,Switches, Hubs & Routers and Telephone Systems. 


Why buy and watch the speed and value of your IT assets fall away, when you can keep your budget under close control and benefit from an asset finance solution that meets your needs?

Talk to us.

For the assets your business needs to secure its future, for a loan to secure its present or for equity from assets secured in the past. We can help.  Contact the team today on:

020 8874 9994

Please fill out the short form below if you require funding for any asset type, unsecured loan or refinance of already purchased assets from £10k to £5m

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