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Think about your corporate responsibility, your carbon footprint, your Carbon Reduction Commitment and your fuel bills. Sustainability is more than just a corporate buzzword and an increasing number of our asset finance clients are looking to reduce their energy bills by installing renewable energy equipment – either retrofitted or as part of a new build or refurbishment.


The advantages are obvious: greatly reduced energy bills, boosted customer perception, improved green credentials, reduced reliance on external electricity sources; you could even become self-sufficient.


While renewable technology saves you money in the long term, it’s a big expenditure. GSM Finance is rapidly gaining a reputation in renewable technology financing. Renewable technology finance bypasses the large initial outlay, allowing the reduced energy costs to provide instant savings which contribute towards your finance repayments.


Renewable energy asset finance options available on:

Biomass Boilers

Combined Heat and Power Boilers (CHP)

Electric Cars and Charge Points

Ground-source Heat Pumps

LED Lighting

Solar Panels

Wind Turbines

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