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The health and fitness industry is booming. Budget gyms and independent gyms are thriving. But setting up a new gym isn’t cheap. Add in branding, signage, local marketing, staffing, a website and membership databases and it’s clear that self-financing a new gym is only for those with wealthy investors.


What’s more, we’re here to help you grow – to open your second gym, then third, and from there the sky is the limit. 



What sort of gym equipment can be financed?



Exercise Benches

Free Weights

Rowing Machines



Weights Machines

Fixtures and Fittings

Air Conditioning

Changing Room Lockers and Benches

Heating Systems

IT Equipment and Telecoms

Saunas and Steam Rooms



Example Finance Deal



An entire gym’s worth of equipment will cost between £100,000 to £200,000, depending on the number of machines required. To then install changing rooms, air conditioning units, showers and maybe even a sauna or steam room the figure can easily reach half a million pounds. By using asset finance, even a new start business could lease or hire purchase the entire operation with only a fraction as a deposit. This is what we managed to structure for one our clients, who through asset finance launched their business, the monthly repayments spread across 5 years helped with their cashflow management as well as a target setting for their membership numbers.  





















Speak to one of our Brokers today



Whether you are thinking about opening your first gym or your tenth and are wanting to find out more about the benefits that asset finance can bring to your SME, have a chat with one of our brokers.



If you already use asset finance and would like to see if we are able to structure you a better deal, again feel free to Contact us via email or phone, or if you prefer use our contact form and we will put together a no obligation quote for you to compare.

Talk to us.

For the assets your business needs to secure its future, for a loan to secure its present or for equity from assets secured in the past. We can help.  Contact the team today on:

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