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UK Finance Brokers secure 21% more finance than last year.

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Some very promising new statistics have been released by the Finance & Leasing Association showing that UK SMEs are continuing to invest more in the assets their businesses need to grow than a year ago.

In February 2019, £2.3 billion worth of assets was financed by UK companies, which represents a 15% increase on February 2018. Yearly figures are equally as encouraging with £33 billion worth of assets financed from February 2018 to the end of January 2019 either through leasing or hire purchase, a 5% increase on the previous year.

£33 billion financed over the year.

More interestingly, broker introduced finance has seen a dramatic increase, with half a billion pounds worth of assets secured by UK brokers for SMEs in February alone, up 21% on the same month last year. Encouragingly, the yearly figures also show an increase in broker-introduced finance and between Feb 2018 and the end of January 2019 £6.3 billion was sourced by brokers, up 14% on the same period the previous year.

Fast, efficient and friendly with 30 Lenders and 24 hour decisions

Cleary more and more companies are utilising brokers like GSM to secure the funding their businesses need. Brokers generally work with a handful of lenders, at GSM we have over 30 different lenders, either way companies benefit from having their proposal taken to the most suitable lender given their business’s situation. At GSM finance, we make the process seamless and seek to find your business the funding in a fast, efficient and friendly manor, removing the headache off your already full plate.

If you’ve never used asset finance before, or you source your own finance, or even if you have a broker already, at GSM we offer a no obligation quote on any investment from £10k to £5 million. Once you’ve received your quote, you can use it as you wish, compare it to your broker or your own sourced finance or use it for business forecasting giving you the information you need to make the decision to invest.

Alternatively, if you would like to take advantage of our 21 years industry experience, even just for advice or explanation on anything related to asset finance such as whether to opt for hire purchase or lease, give us a call and we would be happy to help.

So if your business has investment requirements or you would like to find out more, give GSM a call today on 020 8874 9994 or email

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