An Introduction to Motorsport Finance

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

In the motorsport industry, money is a necessity but not necessarily easy to come by. Drivers are an integral part of any team because their results on the track generate income, as does the payment of their bills. However, motorsport is highly competitive and accidents are common. If the accident is significantly large and either the car gets written off or the driver injured, the money stops. This means that Team Principals must delve in to their own pockets to make up the difference.

The industry also has a reputation for being proud. This extends to those who work within, particularly Team Principals. Therefore, they regularly dismiss offers of assistance, in favour of keeping up their reputation and battling through alone, unaware that there’s a multitude of opportunities available to them.

Finance is becoming increasingly popular in the motorsport world, due to its cost-effective nature. It allows Team Principals to purchase the equipment that their team needs and spread the cost across the season. This is where GSM comes in. While you’re out on track getting results, we can work with our bank of lenders to ensure that you get the best deal.

What can be financed?

Finance options are available for equipment that is used in the workshop and at the track, regardless of the quantity that your team requires.

In the workshop or factory, fitted equipment such as workbenches, units and ramps are essential to prepare your cars and their parts ahead of the next meeting. As well as these, toolboxes can be added to the shopping list, whether you need 1 or 100. If you are a larger team with a significant number of office-based staff, agreements can be put in place to fund their computer systems, communal areas and facilities.

On a race week/end, you need vehicles to transport both your cars and equipment and team personnel from the workshop to the circuit. From HGV’s to people carriers and trailers, all can be funded on finance agreements. In addition, paddock essentials such as hospitality units and their fixtures and fittings can be purchased in order to ensure that your guests have a pleasurable experience.

How does it work?

There are two methods that we would recommend to Team Principals are: Lease and Loan.

Your application for either of these will start with a credit check and review of your team’s accounts. Next, we will need the exact details of the asset and the quantity of them that you wish to purchase. Then, a payment period, the duration of which can be anything from 12 months to 5 years, must be agreed. Finally, you’ll receive your agreement via email and simply need to print, sign, scan and email it back to us.