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Opening a New Site? Fund Your New Venue Venture

When opening a new venue, the fit-out process can be a significant expense, involving the purchase of furniture, fixtures, equipment, and other assets to create the desired ambience and functionality.

Opening a new site using asset finance

GSM Finance can help you with asset finance to cover the fit-out costs, making it easier to set up your new venue. We can help you refit any office, warehouse, retail outlet or hospitality venture with minimal capital outlay and at a repayment price that you can easily factor into your budget.

Equipment and Furniture Finance

GSM Finance can arrange finance agreements for the equipment and furniture you need for your venue's fit-out. Asset Finance allows you to use the assets without a large upfront investment. Instead, you make regular payments over a specified period, which can help you manage your cash flow during the early stages of your venue's operation.

Technology and Audiovisual Financing

If your new venue requires technology assets, such as POS systems, audiovisual equipment, or lighting, GSM Finance can offer technology financing options. This includes leasing or providing loans for technology purchases, allowing you to have the necessary technology without a substantial initial outlay.

Fit-Out Loans

If you prefer to own the fit-out assets from the start, GSM Finance can provide loans. These loans are tailored specifically for acquiring assets needed for your venue's fit-out. You can repay the loan in instalments, making it more affordable than paying for everything upfront.

Merchant Cash Advances

Keep seasonal cash flow constant. Merchant cash advances ease seasonal cash flow issues with repayments based on transactions. This dynamic repayment structure allows businesses to navigate through slower seasons without being burdened by fixed monthly payments that may strain their cash flow. As a result, merchants can better manage their expenses, meet operational needs, and seize growth opportunities, all while avoiding the challenges associated with rigid repayment schedules.

GSM Finance can create customised financing packages to suit your fit-out needs and budget. Regardless of your requirements, GSM Finance can tailor the financing solution to align with your specific requirements. GSM Finance typically provides quick approvals and a streamlined application process, enabling you to access the necessary funding promptly. This can be especially crucial when dealing with fit-out timelines and ensuring your venue opens on schedule. GSM Finance's experienced team can provide valuable financial advice and guidance throughout the fit-out financing process. They can help you choose the most appropriate financing options, considering factors such as interest rates, repayment terms, and potential tax benefits.

To take advantage of GSM Finance's asset finance solutions for your venue's fit-out, get in touch with our representatives. Discuss your fit-out plans, asset needs, and budget constraints, and they will work with you to design a financing package that meets your requirements. As with any financing arrangement, review the terms and conditions carefully and ensure that the fit-out asset finance aligns with your venue's long-term financial goals.

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