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Boost Productivity and Keep Your Workforce Connected with the Latest IT and Software.

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

.GSM Finance provides businesses from all industries with the funding for high-quality IT and software equipment, and repayment plans that won't burn a hole in your budget.

In the fast-paced digital era, maintaining and upgrading technology and software allows companies to maximise their security and remain competitive. Modern applications and tools are key to maintaining efficient, streamlined operations and help to boost productivity and company profit; completing with greater speed and accuracy the repetitive, time-consuming tasks otherwise delegated to employees.

In the wake of lockdown restrictions, advanced human collaboration technology has been developed to bridge the gap between office and home. Investing in this cutting edge technology has allowed companies to safeguard their profitability during lockdown. It has also been incorporated into the new hybrid models of working, since it allows companies to remain flexible and keep their workforce connected, regardless of where they are distributed.

Despite the benefits of investing in the latest technology, many are deterred by the fact that this expensive new equipment swiftly depreciates in value shortly after purchase. This is where asset finance comes in. Asset finance provides a pragmatic solution to the financial drain that rapidly-evolving technology imposes on company budgets; offering low-cost alternatives to the otherwise constant expense of keeping up with the latest developments.

Why GSM Finance?

Our IT and software asset finance packages allow your business to profit from using high-quality technology, software and hardware. GSM Finance provides fast access to whichever IT and software assets your business needs, on lease or hire purchase terms, and budget-friendly repayment plans which are tailored to the lifecycle of said asset(s).

We finance a wide range of hardware, software, and equipment - even assets that are not physically tangible, such as services, can be covered by our asset finance packages.

  • Hardware: laptops and tablets, desktops and monitors, displays, tablets, smartphones & PDAs, printers, scanners, fax machines, servers, switches, local and wireless networks, telephone systems, security, EPOS and digital signage.

  • Software: all your business's critical software, including hosted software and variable license agreements

  • Services: warranties, customisation, consultancy, training, installation and deployment, support, delivery, design. We can also provide the funding for assets which are not physically tangible, such as IT services.

If you can't see what you'd like help with in the list above, get in touch and one of our advisors will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Recent deals...

GSM Finance have provided funding for a leading supplier of contract services on the UK's overhead and underground power distribution networks; as well as for an IT services data storage company. The bespoke software solutions we provided our clients have been key to the smooth running of their successful systems.


The trusted network of over thirty lenders that GSM Finance has built over 20+ years as London's largest independent asset finance brokerage means that we have an expansive panel, each offering highly competitive terms, from which our financial experts pick the best match for your business.

At GSM Finance, the lines of communication between broker and client are always open, and our brokers are attentive to your company's individual needs when choosing the best asset finance agreement for your business.

Your satisfaction is always our top priority, and we never take a cut from you - we're paid by the lenders for our successful introductions. Whether you want to secure your business's present or safeguard its future, contact us today to find out more about how our IT and Software asset finance service can help.



GSM Finance Ltd.

Omega Building

Smugglers Way

London, SW18 1AZ

T: 020 8874 9994



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