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GSM COVID-19 Statement

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

As the landscape throws up new challenges, we are pleased to say we continue to help new and existing customers with innovative finance options to help them sustain and grow.

Despite COVID-19, it is business as usual for GSM Finance and our team are continuing to offer our standard fast, efficient and friendly service.

If you are an existing clients, please call 020 8874 9994 or email

For new business or general enquiries, please call 020 8874 9994 or email:

We appreciate that this is a challenging time for businesses in all sectors. GSM is dedicated to working together during this tough period and ensure the best possible outcome for your company.

Finally, we hope that you, your colleagues and families remain safe and well during the COVID-19 outbreak. However if you are or become unwell, we wish you a speedy recovery.

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Unknown member
Nov 21, 2020

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Unknown member
Nov 19, 2020

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Unknown member
Sep 28, 2020

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