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Unlock Capital With A Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance gives you access to funding to grow your business and you only pay once customers pay you.

A Merchant Cash Advance, also known as a Business Cash Advance was first introduced to the UK in 2007. It has supported businesses ever since with its simple, flexible and transparent funding, helping UK businesses achieve their ambitions. A Merchant Cash Advance is a great finance option for SMEs with no fixed payments, fixed terms or security, the advance is repaid as a percentage of future card sales. This type of funding is used by businesses of all shapes and sizes ranging from well-established household names to new starts that have been trading for 4 months or longer, as long as your business takes card payments from your customers.

How does it work?

A Merchant Cash Advance works like a business loan but with a key difference in the way that repayments are managed, meaning businesses don't need to worry about natural fluctuations in sales and profits when it comes to affording repayments. The loan is based upon future credit and debit card sales, only paying back your advance when your business earns.

Merchant Cash Advances are a popular financing option for businesses like restaurants and retailers, which obtain most of their revenue through credit and debit card sales. For example, purchasing seasonal stock to meet the demand of holiday shoppers, doing a quick site refresh or just for managing cash flow! That is when a Merchant Cash Advance will work in hand with your business.

Merchant Cash Advance is a flexible business funding option that unlocks future income to provide immediate cash, at an affordable rate for that business.

  • Funding for any business purpose

  • Open to sole traders, partnerships and Ltd companies

  • Funding from £2,500-£300,000

  • Repay a fixed split percentage of customer card transactions.

Easy application: We will work with you to provide a fuss-free quote with funds available in as little as 24 hours from a successful application.

Fixed costs: One price agreed on upfront, with no hidden fees, no interest and no creeping cost.

Flexes your cash flow: Payments are automated based on the flow of your business, a pre-agreed percentage is taken from your payment transactions until your advance is settled.

Helping your business flourish and grow: With fast finance, minimal admin and payments in line with your cash flow, you can focus on what matters most: your business.

Is your business eligible?

As long as you take card payments from your customers, your advance can be for any purpose:

  • Renovation and Refurbishment

  • Purchasing stock

  • Working capital

Merchant Cash Advances are most suitable for small to medium-sized companies with a minimum of 4 months of trading in the UK, we will ask you for personal guarantees if applying as an Ltd company.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Flexibility, need cash injection but want flexible payments, only pay back the loan when you receive customer card payments.

  2. Payment, 80% of applications receive funds within 48 hours.

  3. Transparency, based on previous card sales you will be offered a lump sum which seems suitable for your business.

  4. Cash flow, better manages cash flow for your business with fixed costs.

As London’s largest independent asset finance brokerage, we help fund assets with competitive and flexible terms. We use lease, hire purchase and loans to provide the ideal financial package to help grow your business. If you wish to acquire assets your business may need, for a loan to secure its present or to release equity from assets already owned, GSM can help.

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