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Making Your Business Greener with Renewable Energy

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

The pressure is mounting on UK businesses to convert to renewable energy resources and cut down their fossil fuel consumption. GSM Finance can help to fund your company's eco-friendly conversion.

As the UK is one of Europe's biggest greenhouse gas emitters, the UK Government is doing a full-speed approach to climate change. They aim to cut emissions by 78% by 2035 and bring the UK to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than three-quarters of the way to net zero by 2050. They are aiming to do this by increasing their spending on Solar, Wind & Nuclear energy.

Here at GSM Finance, we understand that sustainable energy is a critical part of the climate change initiative. GSM provides asset finance to support businesses and their growth aspirations in the sustainable energy field. By spreading the cost of equipment over the course of its economic life, you can avoid tying up your valuable working capital.

We are looking to help businesses benefit from additional income and savings, by businesses saving money on their energy bills and also improving their green credentials by reducing their carbon footprint, so they then decide to invest in a new renewable energy installation which will enable them to produce either electricity, heat or gas. This is where we come in, to help get your asset financed.

We can also help assist with the refinancing of an existing renewable asset which has been installed in the past 6 months. For example, your business has already installed a renewable energy asset and you are able to provide us with the information of its performance data to show the energy savings or income from installing the equipment.

Renewable energy asset finance options are available on:

Biomass Boilers

Combined Heat and Power Boilers (CHP)

Electric Cars and Charge Points

Ground-source Heat Pumps

LED Lighting

Solar Panels

Wind Turbines

Biomass Boilers

A biomass boiler works much like your existing boiler but it is more beneficial for the environment, and just as easy to use, the only difference is that it uses natural fuel sources such as; wood, logs, pellets and wood chips.

Using a biomass boiler saves you money annually especially as other fuels are dramatically rising, a biomass boiler burns affordable, sustainable and renewable heating fuels. Also as the carbon released from using biomass is balanced by that absorbed in producing fuel, it is essentially carbon neutral.

Combined Heat & Power Boiler (CHP)

Very much like a conventional boiler on the outside but extremely different on the inside, fuel goes in and hot water and electricity come out. Designed to produce heat and electricity as it simultaneously generates electricity as a by-product of heat. The combined heat and power boiler (CHP) operates in parallel to a boiler but it is environmentally friendly, as it reduces the businesses carbon dioxide output by 1.5 tonnes per annum and also reduces energy cost by 25% or more, so it saves money and the environment. At the moment it uses mains gas to fuel the boiler but in the future, it may be able to utilise bio-oils or renewable energy sources.

Electric Cars & Charge Point

Electric cars made up 18.5% of all new cars registered in 2021, it is promising to see the rise of electric cars in the UK. Today there are an estimated 477,000 electric cars on the road in the UK and more than 790,000 plug-in hybrids. With more electric models from companies like Porsche, Jaguar and Mercedes, on the market than ever before it seems like most car companies are dipping their toes into the world which is renewable energy. We have the capability to fund all corresponding equipment, including charge points, IT and software to manage and maintain your equipment. Ultimately, we can create tailored electric vehicle finance packages to help your business prepare for and thrive in the electric vehicle revolution.

Ground-Source Heat Pumps

A ground source heat pump is a renewable heating system which extracts low-temperature solar energy which is stored in the ground, using buried pipework and it compresses energy to a higher temperature and is stored in a water cylinder. It can heat radiators & underfloor heating and also water, and provide the building with 100% of heating and water for the whole year. Not only is it minimal maintenance it lowers your heating bills by 30% - 50% and reduces your carbon footprint drastically.

LED Lighting

Standing for Light Emitting Diode, LED lighting is low maintenance, high quality and reliable light. Although it is a higher initial purchase cost, it reduces your energy costs as it is low energy, which accelerates your carbon reduction. As lighting accounts for up to 50% of energy consumption, switching to LED lighting saves 60% of lighting costs. Using asset finance, you can spread the costs of the replacement of your existing light fittings with new LED versions.

Solar Panels

Solar panels certainly don't come cheap but in the long run you can make savings, cut your energy bills and of course help reduce global warming. As well as saving on energy bills, solar panels can earn you cash. Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is a government-backed initiative in which small-scale generators get paid by electricity suppliers for the energy which gets exported back to the national grid. Even when the sun is not out you can use your stored energy from your smart battery. In the long run, solar panels save money, and you will break even at about the 14-year mark. They really are the leading form of renewable energy. Even at GSM Finance, we believe in renewable energy, our CEO has invested in a rooftop solar panel system to try to be more green.

Wind Turbines

The cost of wind turbines is much greater than most renewable sources, but you may lack the necessary capital to proceed, asset finance could be the best solution so you can take advantage of the clean renewable energy of wind power. Investing in this green energy technology is both an environmentally and economically wise business decision. The bigger the system the more likely it is to benefit and then the payback period is shorter. Wind energy projects attractive investments in the long term with plenty of capital.

Renewable Energy Finance is an affordable way to spread the costs of renewable energy equipment.

So overall making your businesses greener with renewable energy is definitely the way to go. For over twenty years, GSM Finance has helped businesses across a range of sectors to fulfil their growth aims with our individually tailored asset finance packages. Our specialised brokers will take the hassle out of your hands; finding you cost-efficient options that keep the money in your pocket without compromising quality.

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