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Calling all Pubs and Bars!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Cash in on the new landscape with Asset Finance

Over the course of the last year, the hospitality sector had to adapt quickly and respond creatively to lockdown restrictions. The UK's pubs and bars which survived the pandemic did so because they tailored their assets so that their business complied with strict government policy: outdoor carparks became AstroTurfed seating areas, tabletops became hand sanitiser stations, and all face-to-face ordering went digital.

Now that Britain's pubs and bars have welcomed back their customers, operators profiting the most from the so-called 'Pub Renaissance' are continuously tailoring their assets to meet consumer demand. During the 2021 Euros, for instance, it was the pubs with more television screens, space, and seating, that saw the most lucrative influx of cash.

Yet the cost of providing customers with quality food, drink, entertainment, and all other supporting assets, can seem astronomical on top of rent and utility bills. Those lacking funding then find themselves stuck in a cycle of financial limitation: unable to invest in the quality assets that they need to improve their cashflow, and grow their business. Asset Finance can help to bring costs back down to earth; so that you can expand your business without eating into your budget.

With over twenty years of experience in Asset Finance, GSM Finance can provide the funding for a huge variety of pub and bar assets. With flexible payment options, Asset Finance provides immediate access to high-quality assets – whether cutlery, wallpaper, furniture, or drink-ordering software - which can then be used to generate profit far greater than the monthly loan repayments.

GSM & Yummy Pubs

Recently, GSM has helped to finance the expansion of The Somers Town Coffee House, a pub in Kings Cross owned by the boutique pub company, Yummy Pubs. Now a multi-layered building, The Somers Town Coffee House is a perfect example of the profitable expansions that GSM's Asset Finance packages can help to fund.

'Cosy' at The Somers Town Coffee House

The Somers Town Coffee House's basement space has recently been refurbished into a cocktail club; Cosy. Furnished and fitted with chic leather booths, sueded bar stools, stylish bars and hazy amber lighting, Cosy's cultivated ambience is reminiscent of a New Orleans speakeasy - though just a few steps below the traditional British pub.

The Apartment at The Somers Town Coffee House

GSM has also helped to fund the refurbishment of the top floor of the pub into a private apartment. The Apartment, which sleeps eight, is fully furnished, fitted with four individually designed double rooms, two shower rooms, meeting rooms, and a lounge. The Apartment caters to all - perfect for family, couple and group 'staycations', as well as for those in London on business, thanks to the four fully serviced meeting and dining rooms, each with AV equipment, on the first floor. Unsurprisingly, the Apartment has been a huge commercial success for Yummy Pubs, with a huge influx of bookings and 5* ratings across the board since its opening.

Business Building with GSM Asset Finance

Both the Apartment and Cosy are bookable online, the former via Airbnb, and the latter via The Somers Town Coffee House website, for parties and private events. The extensions that GSM have funded at The Somers Town Coffee House fully utilise the pub's central location, and evidence how Asset Finance with GSM can optimise your pub's profitability. Sound good? Read on...

Asset Finance at GSM

At GSM Finance, we find our clients the lowest prices, matching each asset request to the best lender from our network of over thirty. The upfront cost of the equipment can then be spread over a period of two years or more. We don't charge fees at all - we’re paid by the lenders for successful introductions, so what's good for you is good for us, too. Interested? This is typically what happens:

1. We will need: your latest annual year-end accounts and the previous three months management accounts.

2. Your broker will take this information to the market and find you the most appropriate lender. This will outline the term of agreement, set to the business’s preference, as well as the monthly repayments due.

3. The application will be approved by the lender, and the funding will be allocated.

4. The lender will pay your supplier directly in full.

5. The lender will collect monthly payments from you.

Business Loans and Refinancing

GSM Finance can also offer business loans to cover the essential costs of the smooth running of a pub or bar - but these loans would generally be in place to supplement the asset finance package. For established pub and bar owners, or for operators looking to refurbish a site, GSM also offers refinancing. Refinancing involves trading in old or unwanted equipment to a lender in exchange for cash; and is a fantastic opportunity to raise money for upgrades and refurbishments.

Fit-Outs and Refurbishments

As the UK’s biggest leasing broker to retail, leisure, and hospitality operators, we can help with fit-outs and refurbs; funding anything from building works to equipment purchases. Whatever your needs, our individual packages are tailored to meet each client’s needs – so whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced pub owner, our team of experts at GSM Finance are dedicated to the growth and survival of your business.

Our aim is simple: fast, friendly and efficient finance.

For more information on our Pub, Bar and Restaurant Asset finance packages or to make an application, contact our Head of Division, Ben Wilmot.

Whatever your business requirements, our team at GSM Finance Ltd. can help. Call our reception at

020 8874 9994 or email to book an appointment with one of our brokers.

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