Does your office interior hamper productivity?

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

In offices across the country interior design is often the last priority on business leaders never ending list of to-dos. Resulting in employees turning up day in, day out to drab and soulless spaces leaving them uninspired and more worryingly less productive than they could be.

An office fit out is expensive, for each employee to have a desk, chair and drawers, a business is looking at spending £500 even for the most basic office furniture, on top of this companies need to provide a computer and telephone system. The spend per employee starts to gradually creep up. So, when it comes to priorities, you can see why businesses look to economise.

GSM can finance all forms of an office fit out, from furniture to software to garden greenery all through asset finance. Have a read of the innovative ways you can make your employees more productive and satisfied, and if you think your office needs sprucing up why not give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

Floor Plan

The floor plan of an office can have a huge impact on the productivity of your employees. In all forms of architecture open plan remains popular however there isn’t a one size fits all as a lot depends on the nature of the business. If your employees collaborate and constantly bounce ideas off of each other, then open plan is perfect. Open plan offices generally are light and airy and encourage teamwork. They also work well for smaller companies as it allows everyone to remain clued into everything that is happening. However, if your business model requires employees to work alone, perhaps making sales calls, having an open plan office can be distracting whereas individual offices or cubicles can help block out noise. Should your office require a rejig to optimise your employees productivity, we have various lenders who are happy to finance your new layout wether it be Crittall windows and doors like above or just partition walls.


The colour you are surrounded by affects your behaviour and your mood, and so will affect the productivity of your team. The easy option is to go neutral and white, but that can be boring and underwhelming. Depending on your line of work different colours have different benefits. Blue for example is considered the most productive colour, so for desk-based jobs, of spreadsheet and email-based work a hue of blue is best. However, if you’re a team of creatives, yellow can be more empowering, it encourages optimism and to be creative and constantly try new things, you need to be. Red is the colour for productivity in physical activity, which explains why in every Virgin Active the walls are painted in a vibrant and intense red to encourage your work out.