Food For Thought

Where to refuel during your Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping is an annual task, that can prove tiresome and stressful. Fighting the queues in order to tick the items you need off your list. The children hassling you to show interest in their most wanted toy or let them meet Santa and Rudolph. There comes a point where you just need a break.

Looking for a place to refuel? GSM can help! We have two tasty clients based in London who will be offering their usual products as well as some festive additions. Both would be delighted to welcome you and your family while you rest and recuperate.

Bread Ahead Bakery

Bread Ahead Bakery is a brand founded by baking enthusiast Matthew Jones. Since opening their flagship store at Borough Market in 2013, Matthew and his team have expanded their business and opened two further sites. The first on Pavilion Road in Chelsea. The second on Beak Street in Soho.

All three bakeries offer a range of snacks and drinks, suitable for all the family. There are even gluten-free options for those who require them. As for specialties, theirs are doughnuts, which the team at GSM would strongly recommend.

Market Hall, West End