The Future of Shopping: In-store vs Online

High street stores are becoming a thing of the past and shopping centres are considered to be mythical lands. The retail industry is changing rapidly, as more and more people are reverting to the online world, causing people to question; What is the future of shopping?

There’s no right or wrong answer. Both have advantages and disadvantages. It’s solely dependent on what you’re trying to buy, when you want it and how much you want to pay. In other words, it’s a matter of personal opinion.

In Store

“I’m just popping down the shops” is a phrase that is imbedded within society. The action of popping down the shops is valued among consumers as gives them an opportunity to partially escape the daily grind an its responsibilities. For the older generation, it can be their only opportunity for social interaction.

There are two main advantages of in-store shopping. Number one: you are able to see the products that you want to buy in the flesh and determine whether or not they suit your requirements. Number two: you can get your item as and when you need it, providing that the store is open and your item is in stock.

However, many retailers are being forced to shut their doors due to rising business rates. Combine this with all the other costs associated with running a store and it just proves financially unviable. This is where GSM can help. Retail Finance can be offered on essentials such as shelving and storage, display units and shop counters. If you’re looking to upgrade your premises and attract modern day staff and clientele, we and our lenders can also provide financial solutions for top of the range EPOS tills, audio and visual equipment and CCTV systems.

Case study: Oliver Bonas is an independent lifestyle brand, who have 80 stores across the UK. The company's motto is: Work Hard, Play Hard, Be Kind. GSM has channelled in to their mentality to form a long standing relationship that regularly sees them provide funding for new equipment within their stores, revitalising their customers' experiences and keep them returning to their high street or shopping centre.