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Funding for Schools: Supporting the Education Sector

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

It can be a struggle for schools to make tight budgets cover the cost of up-to-date technology, equipment, and ongoing maintenance. With over twenty years of expertise in asset finance, GSM Finance can help.

Asset finance is a cost-effective, low-maintenance alternative to paying for equipment upfront. GSM Finance facilitates the lease or hire purchase of school teaching aids and equipment, funding for refurbishments, and business loans. The list below covers just a few of the assets we can finance:

  1. IT software, including interactive learning technology like smart-boards and student tablets.

  2. Refurbishments, including lighting, heating & air-con fitting, modular buildings and fire alarms.

  3. Vehicles like minivans or coaches.

  4. Equipment for catering and kitchens, for laboratories; gym and sports; libraries and theatres; and for classrooms.

  5. Making your school more climate friendly with our renewable energy asset finance.

  6. Ensuring your school meets health and safety regulations by providing finance for PPE, screens, and hand sanitiser stations.

Repayment plans are flexible, and can be spread up to a period of five years, but the schools we work with enjoy the benefit of immediate access to their assets. We can also arrange Refinancing, which allows schools to trade in existing assets no longer needed for money - refinancing is a fantastic way to make some cash back in the process of upgrading your assets.

With over thirty lenders and specialist leasing companies on our broker panel, we can bring our experience to bear in matching you to the funder most suited to your needs. This way, we can always ensure that you get the best deal. At GSM Finance, we don't take a cut from you - instead we are paid by the lender for successful introductions.

Transparency is our priority - we don't give instant quotes with hidden costs.

For over twenty years, GSM Finance has helped businesses across a range of sectors to fulfil their growth aims with our individually tailored asset finance packages. Our specialised brokers will take the hassle out of your hands; finding you cost-efficient options that keep the money in your pocket, without compromising quality.

Call 020 8874 9994 or email today to discuss your requirements, and to find out more about our asset finance packages for schools.

Alternatively, fill out a contact form and a member of our team will get back to you.

Our aim is simple: fast, friendly and efficient finance.

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