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The Importance of IT

IT has always been a vital part of modern-day society. However, during the Coronavirus pandemic, both its importance and demand have risen dramatically. Employers have been forced to adapt to a ‘new normal’ by ensuring that both their company and employees are equipped and able to complete their duties outside of the office.

Research has shown that during the strict lockdown period of March to June, 85% of employees continued to work from desktop devices in their own homes. However, figures have also indicated gaps in company inventories, meaning that not all staff members have access to such devices and consequently remote working. This meant that those employees either had to use their personal devices or accept pay cuts and furlough conditions.

Compatibility is a keyword when it comes to IT and is the difference between devices and software working alone or in perfect harmony. The same can be said for employees as without the perfect remote set up, they can’t be productive outside the office.

Taking these factors into consideration, aids employers and finance teams when deciding what to purchase. Whether your business operates on Microsoft, Google or Apple, there’s something out there for everyone.

IT equipment is essential for all businesses and their employees on a daily basis and even more so during a pandemic such as Coronavirus. Therefore, financing IT equipment and software can prove a viable option. GSM has long standing relationships with a range of top-level IT device and software providers. Our team can work with you to secure the most suitable and affordable package for your business and employees.

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